Top Biotechnology Colleges In India: 4 Reasons Why To Study Biotechnology

The School of Engineering & Technology at JNU Jaipur is one of the top BTech colleges
in India. Among other branches, it offers a 4-year Bachelors program in Biotechnology. The
curriculum covers the basic and applied science of harnessing cellular and biomolecular
processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our
Here are four reasons why you should consider studying B Tech in Biotechnology here.
1. Best course for career-clueless candidates
So, you’ve cleared your Class 12th Science examinations but don’t have any particular area of
interest. Well, then opting for biotechnology is one of the safest choices for your future. Not only
does it involve all the major subjects you’ve already studied, but new topics that will be related
to or based on these subjects. Such familiarity with the curriculum will give you a headstart and
confidence during your first year.

2. Many areas to work in

This industry is ever-evolving at an unprecedented rate, and job hunters are well-aware of the

roles that are important for driving the industry. Graduates from the top biotechnology colleges
in India get many opportunities to work in agriculture, healthcare, education, robotics,
pharmacy, cosmetics and other industries. And in case you would like to switch industries in the
future, you will have many options to choose from.

3. Lucrative job opportunities
For job seekers, the biotech industry is a major economic driver, generating a large pool of GDP.
With the need for rapid innovation, the field of biotechnology offers scopes for different job
roles to thrive and your skills can help you bag a flourishing position. If you are looking to have
ample opportunities to find a job when you graduate, this career path is worth taking.

4. Opens the doors to many research areas
A comprehensive, 4-year biotech engineering program at the top BTech colleges in India will
provide students with the necessary training and skills for success in the area of controlled
manipulation of biological systems to manufacture valuable products. If you wish to take a deep
dive into research and development in this area, then the best way to go for it is by building a
solid foundation of learning via this course.
Are you ready to step into the world of biotechnology? Feel free to use the comments
section to raise any queries regarding admissions 2020 or career opportunities in this discipline.