Top 7 Stressors and Stress Busters For Class XII Students

The Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, imposed by the government to stop it from spreading, has caused all schools, colleges and even coaching institutes to shut down temporarily. This has created unavoidable distress and disruption in the studies of students from pre-primary to post graduation level. All students, especially of classes 10th, 11th and 12th have been worst hit because of the dilemma they are facing due to multiple reasons.

Here are top 7 stressors and solutions:

Let’s discuss them in a little detail to understand as well as how to manage them.

1) Stuck in a different city away from family

If you were among lakhs of students stuck away from home, then you faced the pain, problems and agony for which no one prepared you. The problems were many and not ending soon - from limited access to hygenic food, to short supply of money & supplies, isolation, rudeness of landlords, to count only a few. Eventually transportations were arranged and hopefully you are back in the safety of your homes.

This was a BIG stressor The horrible experiences of those days may still be affecting you and your studies.

You can overcome this stress, anxiety and trauma following any and all of these:

  • Do regular meditation and stay positive
  • Take healthy and light food
  • Sleep properly and on time - do not stay awake late
  • Sleep properly and on time - do not stay awake late
  • Listen to light music
  • Play indoor and games
  • Start Tray-gardening, Bonsai - make home environment friendly & positive
  • Help parents in housekeeping
  • Learning how to cook will be the most important skill moving forward
  • Read books & articles online, beyond your subject, to stay sharp and focused
  • And friends! Who can live without them?
  • Start with easy and familiar topics
  • Gradually speed things up.

2) What will happen of remaining Boards Exams

Boards Exams are important and already a big stressor. New dimensions of uncertainty safety are also added to them. The CBSE and State Boards plan to them with proper care& safety measures to save your academic year.

Personal safety is paramount. Take all measures suggested by the Government while taking exams.

  • Wear masks & gloves
  • Use tissues and a poly bag to collect your waste
  • Keep sanitizer handy
  • Take your own water bottle and snack
  • Avoid groups when you visit the exam centre.
  • Install and use the Arogya Setu App

3) Missing physical socializing

Friends are the reason why most of you joined a particular school or coaching institute or will join a University. They make us laugh. Complete our assignments

Understand our problems. Discuss our plans. And help vent out frustrations

Friends are always with us! Just that, we cannot hangout or party. Can’t roam around or grab a bite. Shake hands or hug or high-five. Play cricket or football with them.

  • Zoom, Facetime are great ways to stay connected.
  • Make sure you check in on them - Keep the morale of the group in high spirits.
  • Do gup-shup - crack silly jokes, play pranks on them
  • Share your experiences, problems and learnings
  • Plan a time and get together.
  • Celebrate “Lockdown Birthdays” - come together and plan a nice surprise
  • Dress up, dance for them
  • Make some videos or photo collage
  • Everyone likes to feel special.
  • Make it an unforgettable one!

4) Preparing for entrance exams

JEE-Mains and Advanced, NEET, CLAT, etc are now scheduled for July 3rd week. Your preparations for them have taken a back seat ;for a while. You might not have access to teachers, books, notes and mock tests. Results are uncertain.

Preparations incomplete.

We can’t control or correct these situations. But we can certainly control how we react to them and what we make of them.

Your preparations throughout the year, your determination, and confidence will see you through these tough times. Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do!

  • Coaching Institutes have started online Zoom sessions - join them.
  • Enroll using the Institute’s Mobile Apps
  • Contact School teachers and seniors
  • Look for online tutorials on YouTube, Coursera, Udemy
  • Practise with online mock test series
  • Prepare and never blame yourselves - a single result can never define you!

5) University admissions

University life is a dream world away from restrictions of teachers and parents. Here you would take first-hand lessons in freedom, make your own decisions, and accepting responsibility.

You might not get to enjoy canteens, sports/cultural fests, outings, freshers/farewell parties at least for this year. Universities will rush to cover the lost time. Social distancing has to be followed as well.

Nevertheless, seek good Universities, including private and self-financed ones, where quality education is assured. Some institutes are providing the best online education to their students and connecting with them at a personal level.

  • Look for regulatory approvals, affiliations and accreditations
  • Check the University website for contact details and course details
    Connect with Admissions Cell and Counsellors. Let them hear your doubts. Help them guide you through many possibilities. Have an open interaction:
  • Write an email
  • Call their counsellors
  • Chat using WhatsApp and online chat
  • Download their Apps
  • Connect using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Attend their Live Zoom sessions to clear doubts
  • Apply online and complete the admissions process
  • Check reviews from existing students at these Universities.

6) Physical Fitness & Personal Hygiene

A healthy and sharp mind resides only in a healthy and fit body. Long immobility of the body results in secretion of stress and depression hormones. All the amazing dishes we have been cooking lately are going to make us look like one giant pumpkin by the end of this lockdown! It’s really good to stay active, especially now. So don’t be a couch potato:

  • Make a routine and dedicate 30-60 minutes every day for physical fitness
  • Give and accept fitness challenges to/from friends
  • Give and accept fitness challenges to/from friends
  • Maintain good personal hygiene – Godliness is next to Cleanliness
  • Set a weekly target of achieving personal fitness goals - start small
  • It’s important to keep our immunity strong and metabolism high - Do Yoga
  • Yoga also helps in relaxation of body and mind
  • Enroll for online live zumba or samba classes
  • Walk or Jog on your terrace or verandah
  • Have a light, regular and healthy diet to keep fit
  • Sleep well

7) Screen Addiction's effects on health

Online is the new normal. Parents can’t complain anymore about you being online for long. Remember, using the gadget for studies and some entertainment is ok. But too much usage for long periods has its own set of troubles - stiff neck, stiff wrists, swollen thumbs, jamming of fingers, dryness in eyes.

Long usage also results in too many distractions. Avoid them. Social media is the super spreader of hoaxes, fake news and conspiracy theories adding to our stress levels.

  • Take breaks every 10-15 minutes
  • Regularly do exercise for neck, hands, fingers, feet and eyes
  • Better to avoid unverified information and news
  • Be positive and trust the government sources
  • Don’t indulge too much in what is out there
  • Keep the news limited and to the point

So we hope that you all are safe, with your families, enjoying the closeness. Prepare yourselves for a new world never seen before. Using the hope & determination as the lever and preparations & safety measures as fulcrum, you can literally move worlds! We are all in this together. We will come out of it stronger and better!