More than 40 eyes saw her running on the street, half naked with scars on the most delicate parts of her divine body. They saw her and let her go, without letting their conscience question the reason for her grave misery.

She did not yell for help as she knew, it would go unheard. She did not look back to see if the animal was still chasing her. She just wanted to get home as she knew he father would protect her from the foul and lusty eyes of the world.

The door bell rang…

A lady in her mid 40s came running from the kitchen to open the door when the man of the house refused to leave the newspaper.

The figure on the other side of the door was a beautiful girl of 18 covered in mud and blood. The cloth covering her breast was dangling down and her hair was violently scattered. Tears had dried in her eyes and she looked utterly terrified.

The lady fell on the floor when she saw her daughter feasted upon by some ugly dog. She called her husband with barely any voice coming out of her mouth. The father first ignored and went back to reading the article by an admired writer but saw his lady’s pale face and got up from his seat.
Rushing towards the gate he said,“ What happened Reshma, who is it?” The lady kept mum.
When the father laid his eyes on his girl’s tormented body, the girl saw him with hope and shame at the same time.

His eyes red, the man in just another moment slapped and kicked and punched his daughter with periodical abuse coming out of his wretched mouth.
The mother started crying bitterly and the girl went expressionless. All her hope and admiration for her father has vapoured  with every blow that landed on her.