Five Unconventional Ways to Stay Positive

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Everyone says STAY POSITIVE! But no one tells, how to? That’s the problem we are facing in these toughest times of our lives.

Schools are locked down. Friends are out of picture. Ghoomna-phirna is totally bandh. Masti is out of bounds. Remaining in shape is a challenge. Haven’t seen any new face in ages! Summer breaks now seem too long! Can’t go on for the favourite vacation.

There are many YouTube & TikTok videos, Instagram posts, and Facebook pages that tell us how to stay positive. But, I wish it were that simple!

Most common suggestions to stay positive and the problem practicing with them are:

Popular Gyaan

Meri Samasya

Do meditation

Can’t focus without guidance

Do Yoga

Never done before, body too stiff

Play indoor games

Ludo kitna khelen?

Do exercise at home

I’m not up to it

Join online motivational sessions

Sab apni dukan chala rahe hain

It’s all Mumbo-jumbo

Watch motivational videos

Phir se? Not again!

Read books

The best sleeping pill ever!

Listen to light music

3 Phones, 5 family members

Bahut na-insaafi hai!

Do gardening, cooking, home improvement, etc.

There’s not that much work at my home

Learn new skills

How many more do I learn? And where am I going to apply them, practice them?

Popular Gyaans and Common problems following them

So, what’s your life hack?”, you might ask. It’s going unconventional. Against the popular gyaan. Thinking out-of-the-box. And doing what most won’t even think of.

Here is my list of five unconventional ways to take your mind off the tensions of the lockdown. Wish away the worries of studies. All the while giving you a lift-off.

1.See Nothing!

Literally see Nothing! Simply use a blind-fold ora scarf as one. When you confront complete and utter darkness while awake, your sensory receptors fire-up. The brain has to do extra work to make sense of things.

Make it a game and play with your family. First, make rules that no one is to be hit or pushed. Also, remove any sharp objects, wires and rugs etc., which can entangle anyone. Ask the person with blindfold to reach a specific object or location in the room. A buddy can guide him/her. Or ask them to navigate a maze!

You can do it alone as well! Just properly cover your eyes. Sense and realize everything happening around you - The thrust of air from the fan on head. Some sound from a door opening in another room. The touch of the clothes you are wearing. The smell of the food in the kitchen.Be in the Moment!

So, to fire up those neurons in your brain, see in the dark!

2.Invent a Language!

Ever heard of Klingon, Na’vi, Dothraki, orGalactic Basic? Ever seen the Movies or Web-series like Star Trek, Avatar, Game of Thrones, or Star Wars? These are the languages spoken in these block-busters. These are all invented languages. With their own alphabet and grammar.

If George Lucas or James Cameroon can make new languages.So can You! Gather all friends - online, obviously. Decide on the letters, characters and punctuations. Give unique pronunciations for each of them.

Give one word for each known person / object / idea around you - for father & mother, friend, male / female, day & night, lockdown & economy, you / I / we / them. You get the drift. It’s like your own dictionary.

Keep the grammar close to a natural language like Hindi or English for ease. Start forming sentences and start having conversations in them. It’ll be fun and you would have made your own secret code - Only You Friends Will Ever Know It!

Check out grammar rules for Klingon, Na’vi, Dothraki, Galactica Basic and many others online.

If inventing is not for you learn a new one. Have you tried Duolingo yet? It's a super interactive app with a fun way to learn a new language.


3.Draw A Story!

Yes, DRAW a story, and not write it! Your story will be completely drawn. No matter how you draw - it will be good. If you have colors then all the better - splash them. If you know sketching - great, highlight those shadows and jawlines and muscles.

Make extensive use of the online resources to draw your ideas


UX Design


Develop your story with your friends. It can be inspired from something. Or even copied in the beginning. Write a mystery. Or a Mickey Mouse or SpongeBob like lovely characters. Or a historical or mythological hero.

It can be your own Superhero saga. Your own Marvel or DC. Define the characters. Give them personality traits. Contemplate on super-powers for each of the Heroes and Villains. What are their weapons of choice? What are their weaknesses? Who are their friends and foes? What dangers they might face?

4.Lights, Camera and Action!

Become a director, an actor, a choreographer, a makeup artist, a composer, a singer, a dancer, a standup comic, a mimicry artist. A whatever you want to become. Perform as if you were performing at the biggest crowd ever seen. Make a masterpiece of your creative work. Just don’t wait and do it now!

Collaborate with friends. Write a story. Develop a script and write dialogs. Decide who will play what. Rehearse rehearse rehearse. Shoot and test for audio, lights, makeup, dress, setting, props.

Collect different pieces of videos from all collaborators. Check out top 10 online video-editors at to add clips and edit your movies.

Build tempo around your creation! Release a poster. Then teaser. Then trailer. Lay the red carpet! Create a cinematic experience - draw curtains, use home theater. Premier your masterpiece on YouTube, Zoom for friends and family. Ask them to bring their popcorn. Ask them to like, comment and subscribe.

5.Say Thanks, out loud!

We cannot do anything alone. We cannot even live without others. That’s one big message that this Lockdown has taught us.

Doctors. Nurses. Pharmacists. Lab technicians Ambulance Drivers. Sanitation Workers. Transport services. Police. District Administration. And many more are being recognized as Corona Warriors. We clapped and banged plates for our Corona Warriors. We lit candles and diyas. Showered petals from helicopters.

Many more people make our lives comfortable, safe, secure, dignified. Say thanks to them out loud - Sabzi-wala, Doodh-wala, newspaper hawker, shop keepers, maids, Press wale bhaiyya, Swiggydelivery boy. When you see them next time - Say thanks! If you have their mobile number, call them or message them - Say Thanks! With respect they truly deserve.

Never forget to thank those who matter most - parents, grand-parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, teachers, relatives. Without whom we cannot even imagine our lives.

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