So, your resume has been shortlisted and you are excited to face your first interview. Interviews are tricky. For an interviewee, it is really difficult to figure out what impresses the person on the other side of the table. But, there are certain things that may infuriate the interviewer. If you want to end your job interview on a positive note, some of the things that should be kept in mind are:

·         Be on Time

 If you don’t want to spoil your first impression, reach for the interview on time. Take some buffer time if you don’t want to reach the interview venue in a hurry.

·         Do your Homework

Students generally hate homework. But, doing your homework is really important when appearing for an interview. Have a look at the company’s website and learn about the services they offer. Also, go through the job responsibilities of the position, you are applying for.

·         Don’t be Over Friendly

There are chances that the interviewer may get friendly with you during the interview. Reciprocation is good but you should not get over-friendly. Even if the interviewer cracks jokes, you need to stay calm and composed.

·         Ask Questions (Relevant Ones)

Despite having queries, many students do not ask questions as they think it doesn’t give a positive impression. It is just another interview myth and you should keep it out of your mind completely. If you have any questions about the job position or the company, just go and ask the interviewer about the same.

·         Be Polite

Whatever be the case, you should always be polite during the interview. Politeness is reflected not only through your words but actions too. Take care of your posture too when sitting in front of the interviewer.

Can you think of any other tips to be taken care of during interview? Or do you have any interview experiences to share? Post your thoughts and experiences in the comment box below.

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"A body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

Jaipur National University aims to create a world of knowledge and learning with a difference. It strives at excellence to provide pragmatic and useful education. The University is quite sensitive and concerned to impart education to the youth of 21st century. We are going to reshape the future of our great country. A holistic and interrogative mind alone can make the youth competitive and globally acceptable. Education assaults strings of superstitions and taken-for-granted beliefs, and generates a critical and reflective thinking among men and women. Jaipur National University is committed to such a philosophy and intellectual empowerment of young men and women.

Keeping in view our holistic goal, we have created Schools and Departments, incorporating several disciplines and specializations. We have job-oriented programmes of study and research, which include Animation, Hospitality, Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Education, Law, Media, Computer and Systems Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. Our effort is to equip the students in these domains of theory and praxis. A semblance of the two alone can ensure a balanced intellectual development of a student.

Besides this, we also offer integrated and dual degree programmes in selected disciplines. Since education is an opportunity, which ought to be available to rank and file, we have also started education through Distance Mode. This testifies our commitment towards fulfillment of social responsibility.

Our programmes of study and research are comparable with a world-class university/institution. We have entered into collaborations and agreements with several well-known universities and institutions, including the London School of Business Management, Bond University, Gold Coast (Australia), Lincoln University, California, USA, and Institute for Pre-Service Training and Professional Teaching Practice, Germany. We are also seriously engaged in the process of opening of offshore centers at Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai.

The principle of limit does not apply to education. It is not only universal; it is also a desirable means of enlightenment and liberation. We have taken into consideration such a philosophy of education while formulating our programmes of study and in the implementation of the same through classroom teaching, seminars and discussions, and by way of state-of-art infrastructure and teaching aids.

We welcome you to the Jaipur National University, a center of excellence, and a unique place for knowledge and learning.

                                                                                                            Mr. Sandeep Bakshi

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